Does that new Indian cookbook you got for Christmas call for something called ajwain seed? Need a go-to rub for that Home Place Pastures pork shoulder? Spicewalla to the rescue!

Our chef friend Vishwesh Bhat at Snackbar nudged us toward Spicewalla last year, and we’re so glad he did. A world-class spice company based not too far away in Asheville, N.C., Spicewalla sources small-batch spices from quality suppliers and roasts them in its Asheville factory. All of their seasoning blends and single-origin spices were lovingly sourced and tested by owner and five-time James Beard-nominated chef Meherwan Irani. So you’re in good company.

For the grill, we love their Buxton Hall Rib Rub and Piri Piri. For tea time, their Golden Milk will keep you warm. And there’s fenugreek, Gochugaru chili flakes, and of course the ajwain powder to take your Asian culinary goals to the next level.

Spicewalla is a great accompaniment to our house selection of hand-packed spices and seasonings that we source fresh every week at Chicory Market!