We’re excited to announce that @usdagov has awarded Chicory Market a Healthy Food Financing Initiative Grant. This amazing program supports growth in independent community-based food businesses to improve access to healthy local food in areas that struggle with food insecurity. This seed funding helped us secure financing for our upcoming expansion project as we look ahead to operating a larger space in Midtown Shopping Center. More importantly, by supporting our community outreach efforts, it will help us work toward our mission to make Chicory Market and the local food movement more accessible to all in Oxford and Lafayette County.
     Operating in a larger space will enable us to offer more affordable local and natural food options. More on those efforts soon. Meanwhile, we will continue to accept EBT and SNAP and to offer discounts for all those who rely on those benefits.
     The most exciting part of the USDA grant for us is the opportunity to grow our community outreach program. We’ll be working with LOU Homes, Doors of Hope, and other local partners to reach people who may feel left out of the local food movement because of economic status. These efforts will promote our SNAP/EBT discounts, efforts to make natural food groceries more affordable, and the health and economic benefits of choosing local produce, buying beans and grains in bulk, and cooking with whole ingredients. Our first event will be the @oxfordmsjuneteenth festival on Saturday, June 17th. Come out and see us!
     We’re grateful for your support and the impact you’re making for others to participate in what we’re doing. The more food you buy locally, the more accessible and sustainable you make the local food economy for all of us!